Review: Kaminishi: Four Season
December 17

Review: Kaminishi: Four Season

Seraphia, a NetGalley reviewer, shares her thoughts on Jan Suzukawa's "Kaminishi: Four Season".

This was a really good and engaging read. I was very happy with it for sure. I loved the humanness of the characters and how the author gave me glimpses here and there of the past. I would have liked a bit more insight into why one of the characters took his life in a previous life but all in all I really enjoyed reading this book. It was engaging and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I'm pleased that the author was not afraid to go into detail with some of the erotic scenes which I have seen authors be when trying to write erotica but I am pleased with this author.
I really liked how the author orchestrated the characters and went through all the seasons with the main character finally realizing something about himself and moving past it. It was such a revelation and something so unexpected. I appreciated it and loved it.


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