Sean Ian O’Meidhir

Sean Ian O’Meidhir

Sean is a shrink who has worked with murders and sex offenders, who routinely goes into prisons, jails, and courts, and when there is spare time, loves to write romantic fiction.  Having taken Da's advice that "A writer writes," Sean could be seen carrying a notebook as a child and jotting down really bad poetry (which no, will never see the light of day.) Having grown up in small town, USA, Sean saw ignorance and intolerance firsthand and escaped to a small Liberal Arts college at 16 where more bad poetry was produced.  An avid old-school gamer, Sean learned the likes of AD&D and WoD and the passion for writing flourished with a focus on developing hundreds of characters and living many lifetimes. 

Flash forward a hundred and ten years: Sean now lives, works, and plays in San Francisco, teaches, and believes in unconditional love.  Sean's partner is a technomage (read: knows how to fix computers that Sean breaks), and they pay homage to their three cats. Sean adores a bell curve of rock music from heavy to pop, from techno to metal.  Also, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sean can embrace a love for food. 

In 2017, Sean and Connal began writing together and for the first time Sean felt the breath of creativity encompass and propel forward to a daily obsession.  With the desire to perpetuate many ideals that people sometimes lose sight of, including tolerance, acceptance, and love, Sean's greatest desire is to help spread joy to the world, to all the boys and girls, to all the little fishes in the deep blue sea....

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