J.S. Cook

J.S. Cook

J.S. Cook grew up surrounded by the wild North Atlantic Ocean in a small fishing village on the coast of Newfoundland. An avid lover of both the sea and the outdoors, she was powerfully seduced by the lure of this rugged, untamed landscape. This love of her island heritage and its deeply Irish culture led her to create The Kildevil Cove Murder Mysteries series, police procedurals that feature career detective Deiniol Quirke and his partner, millionaire property developer Tadhg Heaney.

 Her interest in police procedurals was recently reignited by an opportunity to work with a police profiler from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, editing two forensic field manuals to be used by LA County law enforcement and as part of the curriculum at the California Institute of Criminal Investigation. She maintains an avid interest in forensics and often designs and conducts her own forensic experiments, including a body farm in her backyard.

Reviewers have called her past work “… strong, solid detective fiction… with a depth and complexity of plot and characters….”

When she isn’t writing, J.S. Cook teaches communications and creative writing at the College of the North Atlantic. She makes her home in St. John’s with her husband Paul and her two furkids: Juniper, a border terrier, and Riley, a chiweenie.

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