Connal Braginsky

Connal Braginsky

Connal Braginsky is a tech nerd who has taken a leap of faith and took a chance on writing. Born to Russian immigrants, he came out as gay at nineteen, and was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome).

He loves to read, and learn about technology and other esoteric subjects, and considers himself a transhumanist (the Russian Cosmism variety). His other pastimes revolve around philosophy which includes Panpsychism, Process Philosophy, Taoism, Buddhism and Gnosticism. He is also interested in various scientific fields, including Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology, Neurology, Psychology, and Sociology.

He works as a Senior DevOps/System Engineer for a gaming company, and plays MMORPG’s when he can, including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and a few others. Also plays D&D with Sean and his game group. He is a fan of Lucille Ball, Alan Watts, as well as Carl G. Jung and his contemporaries; and recently, Peter Kingsley, who is a scholar of ancient Greece and a Mystic. He lives with his partner in San Diego with their two cats, but spends a lot of his time sequestered in his study, surrounded by books and thoughts of mostly dead (authors) people.

He posts often on his blog: and he and his co-author, Sean, can be found on:

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